T E A R D R O P II: bear bait

Hello everyone,


Here is the trailer somewhere in Colorado, climbing into the mountains. It was hard to go more than 50 miles per hour uphill, but I think that's still good for the truck. We ended at about 10,000 feet that evening.

We drove this far west faster than I anticipated. Now I want to deal with a backlog of things to do with the trailer and to scavenge around for parts. Rain in Kansas and Missouri showed where at least 5 leaks were and the bed is still flat on the ground which cuts out storage and feels slipshod.

The last chance I had to set up to work was in Oberlin and I'm antsy. 

There's my bedroom when I went to bed on the street in St. Louis. I wanted curtains in the morning.

Two nights ago we stayed in a state park near Pike's Peak. It was almost entirely paved. "Look!" said Carl, "If we park close enough we don't even have to get our feet dirty." Lola had to stay on a leash and it cost $36 in total and we high-tailed it out of there the next morning.

It's easy to stay on Rand McNally's tracks and I'd like to avoid campgrounds if I can for a while. If anyone has a suggestion for a place or a friend's driveway in southwestern Colorado where I might set up to work for a day or two I would very much appreciate a referral.

Last night we camped near Salida, CO, in a much nicer campground. I worked on propping the roof open. 

In the morning Lucy's car had bear paw smudges all over. The neighbors lost a 6-pack of Mountain Dew and 13 trout but I never woke up .


more soon,