T E A R D R O P V: smashed to bits

Hello everyone,

A rock went through the front window coming out of Routt national forest on a gravel road and it was smashed to bits.

I camped in a truck stop off of I-80 in Laramie for a day and a half and put in a new one.

The copper flashing was a pleasure to put in but I'm not sure about the window as a whole. I think the wood would look and weather better painted green.

Jeff and Carla's ranch, The Canadian, had a wonderful shop and I liked it so much that I slept there. They made me feel entirely welcome.

Just before I left I watched Jeff doctor cattle.

That reminded me of another time I saw him use a squeeze, on his previous ranch. I always like the handles for the hydraulic controls.

Before this I'd been at the Home Ranch with Michael and Dawn Moon and their family

They've just moved in and while I was there we had a visit from the neighbors who were introducing themselves and bringing over a chocolate pie that the grandma had baked. The whole time we were talking the grandma held her daughter's hand or hooked fingers into her daughter's pocket and I thought it was such a lovely and kind gesture.

In the driveway there Cole and Eli--two of the the Moon kids--helped me put lifters on the roof and a bookshelf in the bac

This morning in Medicine Bow I made a stool

after seeing how nicely two nails held in the shutters on somebody's cabin. So accommodating. They weren't home!

More soon,