T E A R D R O P VI: up with the pigeons

Dear All,

Outside Jackson I met a happy Dane who wanted to see the trailer. He and a friend were driving from the east coast to San Francisco, following the Lincoln Highway. It was his 7th time visiting the US and his traveling companion's 26th! At home, in Denmark, he had three classic American muscle cars and in preparation for his trip he got the tattoo he's showing off here. 

Things are settling a little more in the trailer. I'm moving from bigger projects like panelling the inside

with wood from a shack on my great-uncle's farm in Moccasin, MT that last was occupied in the mid seventies and built much earlier than that (richest of scavenging grounds!)

to making some of the hardware for accommodating the things that I notice I do in the trailer every day. 

a folded copper spoon

a wire fork

A sieve for straining wash water

a toaster

a ring for Juna

Juna and my dad and then my mom joined me for 10 days in the mountains in Wyoming and then into Montana.

It was a wonderful time.

Having three extra people, folding out the bed at night for two, cooking more food, and etc. showed the places where things were working only because I was working around them. The trailer felt flimsy and disorganized under the larger load but I think things are better for it now.

Here are a couple close-ups from the past week and a half

And again I got to visit to some perfect sitting places

(this one is forty feet up an old grain elevator, with the pigeons. The wood ladder was still strong but I was nervous climbing up!)

More soon