T E A R D R O P I: the slowest thing on the road

Dear all


Hello from St. Louis! Hot and muggy but we are all in fine spirits.


Above is a picture of the trailer somewhere in Indiana a day or so ago. I think it looks handsome and tiny against the 18-wheeler there. We weighed it at a truck stop and it came in as a sprightly 1,080 lbs.

I want to send out a periodic newsletter to document my teardrop trailer project this summer. Everyone on my list here is near and dear and most have helped me already. Thank you!

To catch up to this point, I have a set of time lapse videos documenting the first 16 days of construction at home in New Paltz. You'll notice wonderful flickering hordes of people who came to help. The opulence of willing and capable friends and family! It really felt like a miracle to get such help.

The videos are here.

On to Kansas tomorrow, and I'll work on organizing my pictures.

Here's looking in from what will be the galley to my bed as it is so far:


More soon,